Show PDF in your application [Updated 16 Jan 2018]

Edit : This article has been updated to be compliant with PDF.js version 1.9.426. The changes are related to the map added next to the js files. And also a translateFragments() to add for dynamic translation.

Long time no see! This article will explain one of the possible way for showing PDF file in your JavaFX application :

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Drag and scroll automatically in your application

One of the first feature I’ve done for the SpreadsheetView is to enable the scroll when you click & drag for selection and you go out of the grid.

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TreeTableView and sorting

I have a TreeTableView in my application that I use as a comment panel. Users can create new thread, reply to each other etc. These comments are coming from a server and I need to refresh that panel quite often. I recently discovered that a sorted column before a refresh, was not sorted after. Let’s understand the issue, and resolve it.

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