TreeTableView and sorting

I have a TreeTableView in my application that I use as a comment panel. Users can create new thread, reply to each other etc. These comments are coming from a server and I need to refresh that panel quite often. I recently discovered that a sorted column before a refresh, was not sorted after. Let’s understand the issue, and resolve it.

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Change your application theme dynamically.

I recently spent quite some time on a trivial (apparently not) issue. I wanted to deliver custom themes for my application, and allow users to radically change the look with a click in a Menu.

The difficulty went with the fact that I wanted to allow people to modify my application JAR, in order for them to ship their own theme.

Here is how I’ve done it.
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About caching and optimizing your application.

Working on the SpreadsheetView taught me that I had to profile my application on a regular basis. In fact, I always discover something.

But it’s not always simple to find bad implementation or memory leaks. For example, I rarely put some images inside my SpreadsheetView. I recently discovered a SpreadsheetView, built by a colleague, with the same image repeated on all rows. And just like that, you take up to 35% of your time fetching and displaying images!
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Close options for TabPane

Currently, you have three closing options for a TabPane, that you can set with TabClosingPolicy :

  • All_TABS : All tabs will have the option to be closed and have the cross displayed in the upper-right corner.
  • SELECTED_TAB : Only the selected tab will have the option to be closed.
  • UNAVAILABLE : Tabs can not be closed by the user.

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